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London Round soaking tub
E18 London round soaking tub
Gross Weight Including Packaging
E18 - bath - 63kg
Tap Hole Options
10 years domestic installations
1 year commercial installations
Standards Information
BS EN14516:2006
Additional Information
Supplied with pre-fitted overflow/waste.
Not suitable for rim-mounted taps
The exterior of this bath can be painted, if you wish to paint yours then this can be done by using Acrylic based primers and paints, you should seek advice from the paint manufacturer for suitable products and process
This is a one piece bath.
Spare parts (below shows available spare parts for this product)
SP414 bath waste for E18, E19, M1A and M2A
SP156 DF408 overflow cover for E18, E19
SP861 metal pin of bath waste supplied with product E18, E19
SP678 skirt for E18 bath
SP157 waste cover for E18, E19
Instructions - PDF - E18 (English)
Alternate Text Instructions - PDF - E18 (French)
2D CAD-File - DWG - E18
3D DWG - File - DWG  -  E18 Alternate Text
3D DXF - File - DXF  -  E18 Alternate Text
3D IGS - File - IGS  -  E18 Alternate Text
* Please note that some of the drawings might not be drawn to scale. Please refer to actual dimensions marked on the drawings.