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Burlington 3" basin taps
Product Options
Tap Head options
Ceramic Tap Hand_T1_PAGE63_PAGE65.jpg Claremont Anglesey basin tap 3" Anglesey Birkenhead basin tap 3" Birkenhead Kensington basin tap 3 Kensington
Tap Base options
Claremont basin taps 3" Standard base Claremont Regent basin tap 3" Regent base
Alternate Text
T5 Basin pillar taps
T1 Claremont tap handles
CL1  -  Combined product code
10 years domestic installations
1 year commercial installations
Standards Information
BS 5412:1996
BS EN 200:2008
Additional Information
Supplied with Flow straighter - this is for use with low water pressure
Supplied with neoperl aerator - this is for use with high water pressure
Flow Rates
System Pressure 0.2 bar 0.5 bar 1 bar 2 bar 3 bar 4 bar 5 bar
Spout (straigthener) 13.2  14.3  18.1  22.8  22.9  n/a  n/a 
Spout (aerator) 4.8  7.7  9.1  10.7  11.6  n/a  n/a 
Spare parts (below shows available spare parts for this product)
SP450 aerator for product T5, T5-QT, T6, T6-QT, T7, T7-QT, T12, T12-QT, T13, T13-QT, T14, T14-QT, T15, T15-QT, T26, T26-QT, CH19, CH20, CH21, CH22, CH23
SP523 bell shape part for T5, T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T11, T12, T13, T14, T15, T16, T26, T24, T25 and relative Quarter turn taps
SP931 decorative cap of Burlington tap handles - cold
SP930 decorative cap of Burlington tap handles - hot
SP93 fixing screw and washer for valve handle (T1, T2, T3, V1, V2, V3)
SP449 flow straightener for product T5, T5-QT, T6, T6-QT, T7, T7-QT, T12, T12-QT, T13, T13-QT, T14, T14-QT, T15, T15-QT, T16, T16-QT, T26, T26-QT, CH19, CH20, CH21, CH22, CH23
SP91 G1, 2 fixing nut and washer for tap (T5)
SP451 key for T5, T5-QT, T13-QT, T13, T12-QT, T12, T16-QT, T16, T14, T14-QT
SP45 T1, T2, T3 'Hot' and 'Cold' ceramic indice
SP28 T5, T6, T7, T16 1, 2 full turn cartridge
SP1093 thread tube O ring seal for T16, T16-QT, T14, T14-QT, T14 BLA, T14-QT BLA, T24, T24-QT, T25, T25-QT, T26, T5, T5-QT, T6, T6-QT, T7, T7-QT
Innovative Designs These taps come with the traditional screw down valves as standard. A quarter turn option is available when ordering. Simply add QT to the product code when ordering to specify the quarter turn option. Tap Head Turns Colour Traditional
Quarter turn
TAP HEADS All available with any tap base for all applications
Standard Regent
Perfect for everyday use in residential situations. The standard height of this base features an un-complicated design and works beautifully with all basins and baths. Designed so that the spouts are 3cm higher off of the basin or bath and a further 3cm away from the wall for wall-mounted taps. This creates an opulent feel and ensures compliance with some archaic building regulations.
Instructions - PDF - T5 (English)
Alternate Text Instructions - PDF - T5 (French)
2D CAD-File - DWG - CL1
3D DWG - File - DWG  -  CL1 Alternate Text
3D DXF - File - DXF  -  CL1 Alternate Text
3D IGS - File - IGS  -  CL1 Alternate Text
* Please note that some of the drawings might not be drawn to scale. Please refer to actual dimensions marked on the drawings.