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Stand Pipes including horizontal support bar
W7 Stand Pipes including horizontal support bar
Gross Weight Including Packaging
W7 - shrouds - 8.95kg
10 years domestic installations
1 year commercial installations
Standards Information
Additional Information
These are for use with baths where fittings are not rim or wall-mounted (Water runs through flexible hoses within the pipes). Can be used with deck-mounted taps.
Spare parts (below shows available spare parts for this product)
W20 15cm Bath Shroud Spacer
SP143 brass cover and thread connection for W7 for pairs
SP530 bridge Joint for W7
SPW5 cap for W7, W23, W24 (4 units)
SP360 cover nut for W7
SP971 floor fixing plates of product W7 (including the grub screws and Allen key) – pair
SP545 floor screw cover cap for W7
SP599 grub screw (M4x4)
SP952 hoses of product W7, ARCW7 NKL - pair
SP867 inner box of product W7
SP546 M5x4 grub screws for W7
SP694 standing tube for W7
SP929 wall & floor fixing screws & plugs for product AF1S, AF3S, W6, W7, W8N, V12, V22, V33, W24, ARC40 CHR, ARC64 CHR,, ARC74 CHR, TF1H
Instructions - PDF - W7 (English)
2D CAD-File - DWG - W7
3D DWG - File - DWG  -  W7 Alternate Text
3D DXF - File - DXF  -  W7 Alternate Text
3D IGS - File - IGS  -  W7 Alternate Text
* Please note that some of the drawings might not be drawn to scale. Please refer to actual dimensions marked on the drawings.