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P trap connection pipe
W21 P Trap connection pipe
Gross Weight Including Packaging
W21 - trap - 1.5kg
10 years domestic installations
1 year commercial installations
Spare parts (below shows available spare parts for this product)
SP1287 floor decorative cover for CW11, W21
Instructions - PDF - W21 (English)
Alternate Text Instructions - PDF - W21 (French)
2D CAD-File - DWG - W21
3D DWG - File - DWG  -  W21 Alternate Text
3D DXF - File - DXF  -  W21 Alternate Text
3D IGS - File - IGS  -  W21 Alternate Text
* Please note that some of the drawings might not be drawn to scale. Please refer to actual dimensions marked on the drawings.