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Bath overflow, plug & chain
W3 Burlington bath overflow, plug & chain
10 years domestic installations
1 year commercial installations
Standards Information
Additional Information
Used where the overflow pipe is concealed
Spare parts (below shows available spare parts for this product)
SP108 ceramic ring of Burlington exposed valves AF1S, AF3S, BF1S, BF2S, BF3S & bath wastes W2, W15, W3, W4
SP833 chain of product W3, ARCW3 CHR
SP479 cover for W3
SP1000 flexible overflow pipe of product W3, ARCW3 NKL, ARCW3 CHR
SP186 o-ring on the plug of product W4, W3, ARCW4 NKL, ARCW3 NKL
SP988 overflow base of W3, W4, ARCW3 CHR, ARCW4 CHR
SP887 overflow housing of product W3, ARCW3 CHR, ARCW3 NKL
SP166 overflow screw for product W3, W4, ARCW3 CHR, ARCW4 CHR
ARCSP41CHR plug & chain for ARCW3 CHR, W3
SP222 rubber washer for W3
SP903 waste base & screw of product W3, ARCW3 CHR
SP224 waste Housing for W3
Instructions - PDF - W3 (English)
Alternate Text Instructions - PDF - W3 (French)
2D CAD-File - DWG - W3
3D DWG - File - DWG  -  W3 Alternate Text
3D DXF - File - DXF  -  W3 Alternate Text
3D IGS - File - IGS  -  W3 Alternate Text
* Please note that some of the drawings might not be drawn to scale. Please refer to actual dimensions marked on the drawings.