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Smart Waste
As Shown
CW13 Smart Waste
CW13  -  Combined product code
Gross Weight Including Packaging
CW13 - waste - 0.4kg
2 year guarantee*
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Standards Information
CW13  -  WRAS Not Applicable
Additional Information
Our latest innovation is the Smartwaste, especially designed for any Clearwater bath that is supplied without an overflow. The Smartwaste incorporates self-opening technology, thereby replacing the need for a traditional overflow on the side of the bath. For regular use the waste is a standard click-clack mechanism, but as the water rises above the normal bathing level the waste opens to release excess water.
Once the water exceeds the overflow level, the waste opens fully and will discharge at up to 27 litres per minute, so removing the risk of flooding even if the taps have been left on. The discharge reduces and stops entirely once the water is back at normal bathing level. Smartwaste is easy to operate, simple to install and easy to maintain. Style with peace of mind.
Smartwaste is suitable for all Clearstone baths (except Balthazar which incorporates a built in overflow).
Available Autumn 2018
The Smart Waste is a unique specifically designed bath waste with self-opening technology that allows the waste to also act as an overflow
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