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Bespoke Country Meadow Standard Low Level WC with 520 Lever Cistern
As Shown
A51 CHR Burlington seat handle Chrome
C1 510mm close coupled/low level ceramic lever cistern
MEAD Bespoke Country Meadow
P2 Low/high level pan
S18 Gloss white soft close hinge seat
T31 CHR Low Level Flush Pipe kit including Flush pipes and reverse screw cistern connector
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Standards Information
MEAD  -  WRAS Not Applicable
C1  -  WRAS Approved (Cistern Fittings)
T31 CHR  -  WRAS Not Applicable
P2  -  WRAS Not Applicable
S18  -  WRAS Not Applicable
A51 CHR  -  WRAS Not Applicable
BS EN 248:2002
BS EN 33:2019
BS EN 14055:2018
BS EN 997:2018
Alternate Text
Additional Information
Low Level wc can be used where the soil pipe is located in the floor. The pan can be located over the soil pipe by cutting the horizontal flush pipe to length.
The cistern height can be varied by cutting the vertical flush pipe to length - maximum height is 1,075mm to the top of the cistern, minimum height is 900mm.
Water Inlet valve hole is located on the base of cistern tank on the right hand side.
Bottom inlet valve (SP5A). Back inlet valve available as optional item (SP511).
SP511 : Back entry kit for C1/C2/C3/C4/C30, including back entry inlet valve with flexible hose and plug.
Dual flush cistern fittings with ceramic lever on the right.
Press lever down for 6 litre flush and up for 3 litre flush.
P trap standard height pan - height from floor to pan rim is 40cm.
Recommended to be used with cistern tank isolation valve W25.
Ceramic soil connection pipes : straight connector to the wall : C29. The S trap connector bending down to the floor : C26.
Regal Height pan ( floor to pan rim height 48cm ) available : P16.
Cistern can be used with optional decorative Ornate Brackets T32 CHR.
Low level wc must be used with standard Burlington toilet seats.
Supplied with floor fixings.
SP11 51cm Cistern Lid for C1 & C2
SP511 back entry kit for C1, C3, C2, C4, C30, ARC5, including back entry inlet valve with flexible hose and plug
SP1021 bottom sealing washer of flush valve for product C1, C3, C3, C4
SP965 brass decorative cover of cistern connection for product T31 CHR
SP1353 brass fixing nut for T30 CHR, T31 CHR T33 CHR, T34 CHR, T30 GOLD, T30 NKL
SP476 buffers for seat lid (set)
SP475 buffers for seat ring (set)
SP8 ceramic Cistern lever for Close Coupled, Low Level Cistern
SP84 cistern flush valve with control cable for cistern fitting SP5 (excluding lever and inlet valve)
SP390 GOLD cistern Lever for C1, C3 - GOLD
SP973 cone shaped washer, plastic washer and plastic fixing nut of cistern fittings C1, C2, C3, C4, C30, C1D
SP890 flush pipe of product T31 CHR
SP830 hinge covers of product S13 & S18
SP443 hinge fixings for S13, S18 seat
SP504-2 inlet valve for Burlington close coupled cisterns
SP975 inner box of product S18
SP508 kit for close couple cistern
SP507 kit for low level installation for close coupled cisterns C1, C2, C3, C4, T71 CHR
SP160 l shape bracket(pair) for T31CHR
SP5A lever Flush Bottom Entry cistern fitting with ceramic lever
SP17 screw fixing pack for pan and bidet
SP410 SP410 Soft close hinge fixings of S18 seat (one set)
SP802 the bigger stopper for SP5A, ARCSP7, C24C, SP7
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