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Overflow bath filler
Product Options
Overflow bath filler single bath for single ended baths Overflow filler for double ended bath for double ended baths
Indicies & lever finish
Overflow bath filler single bath White Medici Overflow bath filler single bath Medici Overflow bath filler single bath Black
Alternate Text
As Shown
W15 Bath overflow filler for single ended bath
Gross Weight Including Packaging
W15 - waste - 1.7kg
2 year guarantee*
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Standards Information
Additional Information
For use with single ended baths where the distance of the centre of the overflow to the centre of the waste is up to 710mm
The horizontal waste pipe can be cut to length on site
The vertical height of the bottle trap is adjustable by 80mm
Flow Rates
System Pressure 0.2 bar 0.5 bar 1 bar 2 bar 3 bar 4 bar 5 bar
Spout (aerator) 11  14.6  19  26.8  32.9  n/a  n/a 
SP417 bolt for CW9, W2, W15
SP108 ceramic ring for all finishes products of Burlington exposed valves AF1S, AF3S, BF1S, BF2S, BF3S & bath wastes W2, W15, W3, W4
SP1166 housing for W15, W2
SP915 overflow cover of bath filler W2, W15 (including grub screw & handle)
SP1314 overflow outlet base for W15, W2
SP1266 plug hole of bath waste for CW9, W2, W15
SP808 plug of bath waste for product W15, W2, CW9
SP1217 the top washer for all finishes products of W14, W17, W15, W13, HOX.0402
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