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Hinged doors
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C19 760mm hinged door
BU1  -  Combined product code
Gross Weight Including Packaging
C19 - door - 34.1kg
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Standards Information
BS EN14428:2015
BS EN 12150-1:2015
Additional Information
Safety glass with 3M™ Easy Clean Coating
All enclosures are 1950 high and adjustable up to 20mm from each wall.
Hinged door 8mm glass
Hinged door opens outwards only
SP938 adjustable profile of product C19, C20, C21
SP470 bottom door frame B019 for C19 (excluding the sealing strip)
SP61 bottom Waterproof Strip for C19, C20, C21, C22, C23 (single) (B035, B036)
SP318 burlington Bottom profile of hinge door C19, C20, C21
SP912 hinge of product C19, C20, C21, C9, C10
SP1687 hinge screws for Burlington shower enclosure C9, C10, C19, C20, C21,
SP53 hinged Door Spare Kit
SP431 part B011 for C19, C20, C21
SP982 seal on the hinged side of the door for product C19, C20, C21
SP242 side profile - B015 for C23, C22, C21, C20, C19 (pair)
SP112 top and bottom fixing frame 636mm for C19
SP921 top cap of door profile for product C10, C19, C20, C21, C22, C23, C6S, C7S, C8S, BS3, BS8L, BS8R
SP426 vertical seal for C19, C20, C21(B017)
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