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Front / Top Access Concealed Cistern with Lever Flush
As Shown
F6CC Front / Top Access Concealed Cistern With Lever Flush
Gross Weight Including Packaging
F6CC - cistern - 3.78kg
2 year guarantee*
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Standards Information
F6CC  -  WRAS Approved (Cistern Fittings)
BS EN 14055:2018
Alternate Text
SP1114 the clip for F6CC
SP1119 the front plate for F6CC
SP823 chrome spacer for product F6CC
SP1011 cistern lid of concealed cistern tank F6CC, W31A, W32A (including the top & front access panels)
SP1045 flush pipe of product F6CC, W35A, W31A, W32A
SP645 flush valve with control cable for F6CC (excluding lever and inlet valve)
SP1639 gold spacer for F6CC
SP970 inlet valve (including the flexible pipe and inlet elbow) for product W31A, W32A, F6CC
SP831 inlet valve of product F6CC
SP1640 nickel spacer for F6CC
SP983 one set of cone shaped washer, fixing nut, plastic washer and the rubber washer for product W31A, W32A, F6CC, W35A
SP1161 the screws for W31A, W32A, F6CC
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