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Straight radiator valves
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Finish Options
Straight radiator valves chrome & white Medici Straight radiator valves chrome & medici Arcade Straight radiator valve nickel nickel & white Straight Radiator Valve Gold gold Straight Radiator Valve Brushed Nickel brushed nickel
Alternate Text
As Shown
R7CHR Straight floor mounted rad valve
Gross Weight Including Packaging
R7CHR - valve - 0.88kg
2 year guarantee*
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Standards Information
BS EN 2767:1991
SP47 b logo ceramic indice (D=21.4mm) for all finishes products of V12, CH19, R6, R7, W25
SP1726 back bottom washer for SP28
SP93 fixing screw and washer for all finishes products of valve handle (T1, T2, T3, V1, V2, V3)
SP1784 olives part (one pair) for R6 CHR, R7 CHR, AF1S, AF3S, EF1S, EF2S, T2WB, T2WS
SP656 pair of support pipe for R6CHR, R7CHR
SP1017 set of washers for product R6 CHR, R7 CHR, ARCR6 NKL, ARCR7 NKL, ARCR6 CHR, ARCR7 CHR, R6 GOLD, R7 GOLD
SP835 spare parts of radiator valve handles for product R6 CHR, R7 CHR
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