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Burlington 5" basin taps
Claremont basin taps 5"
Product Options
Finish Options
Claremont basin taps 5" Chrome Claremont basin taps 5" Gold Claremont basin taps 5" Nickel
Tap Head Options (Chrome Finish Shown)
Ceramic Tap Hand_T1_PAGE63_PAGE65.jpg Claremont Anglesey basin tap 5" Anglesey Birkenhead basin tap 5" Birkenhead Kensington basin tap 5 Kensington
Quarter turn options
qt_done.jpg quarter turn Claremont basin taps 5" tradional screw-down
Tap Base options
Claremont basin taps 5" Standard base Claremont Regent basin tap 5" Regent base
Indicies & lever finish
Claremont basin taps 5" White Claremont Medici basin taps 5" Medici Claremont basin taps 5" Black
Alternate Text
As Shown
T6-QT Quarter turn basin pillar taps
T1 Claremont tap handles
CL2-QT  -  Combined product code
15 year guarantee*
*Full terms & conditions here
Standards Information
T1  -  WRAS Not Applicable
T6-QT  -  WRAS Approved
BS EN 200:2008
BS EN 817:2008
Alternate Text
Additional Information
Supplied with flow straighter for use with low water pressure
Also supplied with aerator for use with high water pressure
Gold and Nickel finish is only available with the Claremont handle
Gold and Nickel finish is only available with the quarter turn option
Gold and Nickel finish is only available with white indicies
Flow Rates
System Pressure 0.2 bar 0.5 bar 1 bar 2 bar 3 bar 4 bar 5 bar
Spout (straightener) 12.7  13.8  17.6  22.2  22.6  n/a  n/a 
Spout (aerator) 4.8  7.9  9.1  10.5  11.6  n/a  n/a 
SP523 bell shape part for T5, T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T11, T12, T13, T14, T15, T16, T26, T24, T25 and relative Quarter turn taps
SP931 decorative cap of Burlington tap handles - cold
SP930 decorative cap of Burlington tap handles - hot
SP93 fixing screw and washer for valve handle (T1, T2, T3, V1, V2, V3)
SP449 flow straightener for product T5, T5-QT, T6, T6-QT, T7, T7-QT, T12, T12-QT, T13, T13-QT, T14, T14-QT, T15, T15-QT, T16, T16-QT, T26, T26-QT, CH19, CH20, CH21, CH22, CH23
SP91 G1, 2 fixing nut and washer for tap (T5, T5-QT, T6, T6-QT, T16, T16-QT)
SP45 T1, T2, T3 'Hot' and 'Cold' ceramic indice
SP72 T5, T6, T16 1, 2 and T7 3, 4 quarter turn COLD cartridge
SP71 T5, T6, T16 1, 2 and T7 3, 4 quarter turn HOT cartridge
SP1093 thread tube O ring seal for T16, T16-QT, T14, T14-QT, T14 BLA, T14-QT BLA, T24, T24-QT, T25, T25-QT, T26, T5, T5-QT, T6, T6-QT, T7, T7-QT
Product name:
Claremont basin taps 5"